Professional Career
Professional Career Summary (last update: November 2015)
In my first real job I worked as a general manager of 2 video rental shops ('90/91) in Berlin just after Germany's re-unification. It was just part-time job in additon to my physics studies, but I collected various experiences in leading people. The world looks different in the manager's view especially if you have to take responsibility and explain win and loss to the owner.

After physics diploma and doctoral work (PhD) I started working for Infineon in Dresden, an international semiconductor manufacturer based in Germany. I took over responsibility for the process integration of the manufacturing sequence BEOL (back end of line) of the 250nm technology. I had to deal with permanent monitoring and improvement of the process and yield as well as the solution of various problems in cooperation with single process engineers, respectively. After a few month I took over responsibility for a first international technology transfer from France. In the years 2002…2004 the main focus of my work moved to technology development (130nm Cu BEOL) as well as heading several task force teams.

In the beginning of 2005 I moved to USA to work in the semiconductor development alliance at IBM (East Fishkill, NY State, now part of Globalfoundries). Together with colleagues from IBM, Samsung, Freescale, AMD, Toshiba, Sony und Chartered we qualified manufacturability of the technology note 65nm. In addition we began with 45nm technology development. To collaborate in an alliance of several semiconductor companies you need to act within completely different structures and hierarchies. To learn how to deal with colleagues from different cultures was surprising and fascinating to me. Within the alliance I was solely responsible for the development of certain MOL & BEOL modules (65nm) as well as the 45nm LPRG development. We could achieve several important new developments and created several patents in my name.

Upon my return to Infineon Dresden in mid of 2008 I took care of the development ofSRAM and gate & spacer modules (FEOL) of the most recent embedded flash technology in Dresden. From 2010 on I was managing several technology transfers for Infineon for almost 4 years. We qualified several technologies in cooperation with other companies or together with other Infineon sites. In addition to logic and flash technologies I could get familiar with power technologies for 2 years, in 200mm as well as in 300mm manufacturing lines.

At the end of 2014 I took the chance to manage a big data management project for a medium-size IT Company from Vienna (Austria) at the South African railways (PRASA). In addition to the data base project we develop a company-wide data management strategy adjusted to their special needs. This project renewed my expertise on the field of international cooperation, getting to know new people, a new country and learning about completely new technologies. I could again realize that close relationships to all levels of hierarchy is the major basis for excellent cooperation in heterogeneous international teams. Just with trust and understanding between the partners you can successfully collaborate between sites and cultures.

The main theme of my work life so far are the Management of International Projects and the Development of Technologies.

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