References (Last Update: February 2016)

Letters of Recommendation of my Business Partners and from a former Colleague:

Reviewing my work delivered at the 'big data' project of the South African Railways (PRASA) as self-employed sub contractor of
Ebcont proconsult I've received the following letters:

  • Letter Ebcont Proconsult from Mag. Johannes Litschauer (Chief Executive Officer Ebcont)
  • Letter Prasa from Chris Mbatha (Chief Information Officer PRASA)

  • The Senior Principal Material Science and Integration of Infineon Technologies also provided a letter of recommendation.
    We worked together during my time in USA for 3 years:

  • Letter Dr. H. Wendt (Sen. Principal Infineon Regensburg)

  • List of Patents Granted:

  • Patentlist.

  • Further Information can be found here: Professional Career.